Saturday, June 24, 2006

Missed It By That Much

So my wife says to me the other night:

"I'm going to wear (yes?) as little as possible (Yes?!), just in case we (YES?!!!) lose power tonight."


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Discovered by the Germans in 1904

Father's Day does not come any more perfect than it did today. It was so perfect that I have come out of semi-retirment to wax poetic about it. There was not a very special event that highlighted the day, but a series of moments that came together to make it very magical.

It began the night before when my wife and I went out on a date. Our son was absolutely giddy when the babysitter arrived, jumping up and down and giggling that there was someone new to show off for. He was pushing us out the door so he could begin his performance. We scooted out and went out for a very nice dinner.

The performance must have tired out v2.0 because he slept three hour passed his usualy waking time. This allowed me to make some coffee and peruse the morning paper before getting ready for my baseball game. The bad part was that I was not able to see him before leaving for my game.

Winning the single-elimination playoff game meant we could play again next weekend and that is exactly what we did, barely 8-7. I had a great game both on the mound and at the plate, so winning was extra satisfying and it continued the good Father's Day vibes.

Over-sleeping did not prevent v2.0 from taking his usual afternoon nap, which he was in the midst of when I returned home from the game. He played in the water with mun-mum while I was gone and whipped himself into a good frenzy, tiring himself out in the process. So it was not until middle of the afternoon did I actually get to see the reason I am able to celebrate Father's Day. "Hi da da." Such a sweet boy.

My Father's Day gift was overwhelming and so generous that I was completely flabbergasted. I certainly did not deserve it. I was so thrilled because I had spoken conceptually of getting a digitial camera at some point, but figured it would be a while since I just started a new job that pays less than my previous one. I felt like a kid getting the bike on Christmas day.

I am definitely encouraged when v2.0 expresses an interest in watching baseball, so I gladly allowed him to turn on the TV when he asked "Basheball?" Nats were down 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th. We tuned in just in time to see Marlon Byrd hit a single. Next batter was Ryan Zimmerman and the wife and i remarked how cool it would be if he hit a home-run to win the game. Sure enough - There's a drive, deep to left, gone! That's when I knew the day was magical.

We capped the day with a pizza dinner at a local Italian chain restaurant, Mamma Lucia, which v2.0 loves to say as "Ma Luuus." One of the trademarks of this fine establishment is the employment of hot young women. Not all of them, but enough to keep things interesting. However, there is hostess that is off-limits because she's a little too young. I call her Ms. Prison Term. Don't worry, the Mrs. has a little eye-candy of her own at a local barbecue joint, so everything is fair and square. In fact, we're probably going there next weekend.

Add a little canoli, some bourbon and Entourage nd that, my friends, is a magical Father's Day.