Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Elusive Third Golf Ball

DC-Giant v2.0 turned two last week. It is overstated that time moves way too fast when it comes to kids growing up, but indeed, there is a reason why it's overstated.

Early indications seem to suggest that he is destined to become a dancing, hockey playing make-up artist. He also will do some painting on the side, but instead of canvas, he will paint on family room couches and chairs. It's going to make displaying his work in art galleries a little more challenging.

A note to his Godfather: Thanks for the call wishing him a happy birthday, dumbass. He was crushed when he realized you forgot. You might have to give him control of a casino to pay him back.


Anonymous Hungary Man said...

And exactly what are the birthdates of my three children? Is it not enough that I I have allowed you to purloin the name of my son, alter it eeeever so slightly, and call it your own?

Just so you don't keep your panties in a perpetual twist, rest assured that v2.0 is represented in my last will and testament. I have bequeathed to him all the items you will be bequeathing to me in your will. This is called re-bequeathing.

5:45 PM  
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