Monday, June 20, 2005


I regret to inform you that my baseball team lost its championship game yesterday 13-8 in 10 innings, the second straight season in which we lost the final game. We came back from two runs down in the bottom of the 9th to tie it at 6-6, and actually had a chance to win it with a runner on third with two outs, but couldn’t convert. I was one of the batters at the plate with a chance to win it, but I was hit by a pitch; of all times to have that happen.

I pitched very well, only giving up two runs (one earned) in five innings, but the guy who followed me just got tired. He also pitches in a league in the middle of the week, so he just ran out of gas and gave up 7 runs in the 10th inning. I don’t know how he is able to pitch in both leagues because it is very stressful on the arm.

Like the rest of the team, I didn’t have a good day at the plate. I went 2-for-5, but didn’t hit the ball hard. We reverted back to our old habits in that we weren’t patient against very hittable pitching.

Despite the loss, it was a good season having advanced in the playoffs and thus playing the maximum number of games. The team takes the summer season off and resumes in the fall when we'll be tanned, rested, and ready.


Anonymous Hungary Man said...

I for one am relieved that my vicarious baseball season has come to an end. Now I no longer have to pretend to give a shit about the game just to be polite. While regrettable that it did not end in victory, the clear plastic Ponce de Leon trophy filled with grain alcohol punch (or Natural Light, take your pick..or Lowenbrau) would most likely not have been a welcome accessory in your house so recently furnished (in great taste and at no small expense) by Mrs. Giant. So, until next fall, the cap will have to resume its place of honor at the bottom of your golf bag, and the bat and glove will slowly gather dust propped next to the CD tower (also gathering dust, all you do in your basement is watch TV), waiting for the day when the mighty Giant steps up to the plate and swings once again.

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