Thursday, June 02, 2005

Eating Crackers

Anna Kournikova is hot, I agree. I also agree with the widely held view that the likes of Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Heather Graham, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Eva Longoria are hot.

However, there are other celebrity women that many consider hot, that I just don’t see. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Very attractive, sure, but I don’t feel it, so-to-speak. Kate Hudson? Nothing. Charlize Theron? Doesn’t register. Catherine Zeta-Jones? No thanks. I want to think Jennifer Garner is hot, but she’s got this horse-mouth thing going. I want so badly to feel that Cameron Diaz is brutally hot, but sadly, I’m not feeling it.

I think Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy, Old School) is hot, but a female colleague of mine described her as being very average looking. However, this female colleague also said that Patrick Dempsey is hot, but he’s not nearly as dreamy as Tobey Maguire. Ooops, did that slip out?

That brings us to Paris Hilton. I agree with Auntie M that she’s not that attractive. However, I think she won some admirers when that infamous sex video was leaked over the Internet. You have to give her some credit because she has presented this image of being a celebrity sex pot and this video provided solid evidence to support it. She proved that she is no phony when it comes to being a sex kitten and men appreciate that.

So, the message to all you girls out there is don’t be a tease, be a real slut.


Anonymous Hungary Man said...

For God's sake, I feel like I'm reading the online version of Tiger Beat magazine. For those of your readers who don't realize that you are approaching the big 4-0 with increasing velocity (inversely proportional to the declining speed of your fastball), it would no doubt shock them to realize you still compile who's hot and who's not lists.

All this obsession with celebrity reminds me of a song I once knew..."Tony Danza, Ben Vereen, on the cover of a magazine"...something like that.

And one more thing...Paris Hilton is the Farrah Fawcett for a new generation. She's here, so get used to her.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Mr_Nuts said...

I agree with some of those. But Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera are just dog-ass ugly. Ugh.

1:53 PM  

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